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2003 DENT Central Region Pro Modified Championship Smash-Off
Driver Registration And Format

1st $1,000
Mad Dog $1,000
Total $2,000

  • There will be a 25-car limit for the 2003 Central Region Pro Modified Championship Smash-Off.
  • The event will consist of 1 Heat with no Feature and run to the death or until the last car running makes the last hit.
  • Drivers must make an aggressive hit every 20 seconds or will be determined a sandbagger.
  • Sandbaggers will be black-flagged and disqualified.
  • The Mad Dog Award will be presented to the hardest hitting and most aggressive driver regardless of how long they last.
  • The 1st place winner may also be chosen to be the Smash-Off Mad Dog.
  • The Winner and the Mad Dog will automatically qualify for the 2004 Super Modified National Championship and receive first registration opportunities.
  • There will be no substitute drivers.

    Build it to the rules!

    The DENT inspection process is unparalleled and is classified as the fairest and toughest in the sport. The entire DENT Inspection Team is hand picked and based on their knowledge and expertise in the sport. Each and every car inspection will be very strict, extremely thorough and based on the 2003 DENT Pro Modified Class Rules. All safety requirements, chassis, and full exterior and interior body regulations will be checked. Drivers needing to make minor changes will be given the opportunity to return to their truck and trailer to make those specified changes. All re-inspections will be done ONLY after the last car from the last Heat has passed through inspection. If time runs out before the show starts and re-inspection of completed work is not done, those drivers will not be permitted to compete, and no refunds will be allowed. Any driver found to be in complete violation (cheating) of the car building rules will not be permitted to run and will be escorted off the property by State Police, pit passes for the driver and crew will be revoked and no refunds will be given.

    The DENT ENFORCER will be used to get cars unstuck from each other while the show remains running. It will also enter the derby pit with lights flashing to stop the event if a red-flag is called and the derby is to be stopped for a car fire or an injured driver. Any driver who has been black-flagged and refuses to acknowledge the DENT on-track Official and shut their car down will be pushed out of the competition area by the ENFORCER.

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