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2006 DENT Super Modified National Championship &
2006 Pro Modified SMASH-OFF

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Sunday, May 28th 2006
Blossom Chevrolet Indianapolis Speedrome
Indianapolis, Indiana

S P E E D   C H A N N E L

The 9th Annual DENT Super Modified National Championship Demolition Derby took place at the world famous Indianapolis Speedrome in the motorsports capital of the world, Indianapolis, Indiana.

78 champion drivers from across the nation battled it out on asphalt in front of another sold out crowd in the country's toughest demolition derby. When the last car made the last hit in the final feature 2 history making events occurred. The first was when Toby Highley from Ohio became the first driver in the history of the DENT National Championship to win a second time over a 3 year time period. After personally taking on the DENT 1 car and reigning champ Robert "The Duke Of Righteousness" Skroch from North Dakota, Toby found himself up against another Ohio driver Todd Hollinger and 2001 DENT National Champion Lloyd Kirkam from Indiana when only 3 cars remained. The condition of Highley's car had the entire audience thinking he couldn't win this again. Highley's incredible driving sent the packed house home with another spectacular finish to talk about. After Kirkam's car went dead, Highley and Hollinger battled it out for almost 15 minutes before Highley finally made the last hit and was declared for the second time to be the DENT National Champion which earned him the title for demolition derby supremacy. Toby Highley took home the coveted Franklin-Root Award, the DENT Championship Ring and $10,000 of the $20,000 purse.

The second impressive history-making event was when DENT crowned a double Mad Dog Winner for a single event. After Steve Pauley from Ohio put on a spectacular show of big solid hits in the 3rd heat, he did the same thing in the feature after the crew of Toby Highley's Team pitched in with Steve Pauley's Team in a furious effort to put the car back together in enough time to get him into the feature. It was very close for the feature Mad Dog between Pauley, Chad Markley (Kansas), Dennis Clemens Jr (New York) and Emery Martin from Kentucky, but Pauley's relentless full track shots got him the single event double Mad Dog Title.

DENT guaranteed another "SMASHFEST" and that is what fans enjoyed when they watched 3-action packed qualifying heats and the final feature. Another DENT first was when David "Vanilla Merrell" Merrell from Indian not only won the Mad Dog Award he also was the last car to make the last hit in the intermission Pro Modified "Smash-Off". Second place went to Ryan Parrett from Indiana and Ryan also won the other Mad Dog Award for his extremely aggressive and punishing hits. Third place went to another Indiana driver Larry Staats.

As always the biggest names and hardest hitters in the sport from all over the country were competing at this year's event. Fans also got to see in action, Larry Cavalliere (New Hampshire), Ron "Boss Hog" Hodges (Michigan), Darryl Monroe (Kentucky), Jack "The Jackal" Teegarden (Missouri), The Clemens Brothers/Wayne and Dennis (New York), Shay "Porn Star" Walden (North Dakota), Todd "Jacob Nuts" Jacoby (Wisconsin), Andy "The Show" Hanson (Minnesota), Chuck Roby (Kentucky) and Cindy "Black Widow" Regimbald (Vermont) and Harold "Uncle Harry" Wagner (Indiana).

All the heats, feature and Smash-Off had many crowd favorites with the DENT exclusive, Mad Dog Award with very aggressive and skull shaking hits. Since the craze for winning the Mad Dog Award has continued to grow every year, many drivers came to get that Mad Dog Title and this year was no different. Newly crowned Mad Dogs were Mike Hodkin (New York), Jeremy Elliott (Minnesota), Steve Jackson (Ohio). Past DENT Regional and National Mad Dogs who guaranteed to give ya what you came to see, gave the sold out crowd exactly what they did come to see, big punishing hits. 3-time Mad Dog Winner, Michael "Slam Man" Decker (Ohio), and 2-time Mad Dog, Emery "Derby King" Martin (Kentucky) gave everything they had for the crowd once again.

The last 8 cars running from each heat qualified for the final feature. The feature was run "until the death" - until that last car running made that last hit. Back by popular demand "The ENFORCER" - an 8,000-pound wrecking machine was used to punish sandbagging drivers who fail to deliver their required hits and clear out corners.

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