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DENT Services

Utilize DENT Rules & Expertise

If your facility doesn't already host a demolition derby, we can show you how to bring what's known to be one of the most profitable and widely attended event at fairgrounds and racetracks into your venue. If you're already putting on your own show - we can help you make it even better. DENT offers a complete range of services including:

Advertising & Promotion


Our package of consulting services can help you:
Create safe, competitive and insurable rules
Mail an effective registration package to generate driver registration
Coordinate, tech and officiate your event
Increase ticket sales through target marketing and promotion

Host a DENT Sanctioned Event

Looking for an exciting and profitable event to add to your facility's schedule of events? Fairs and racetracks from cross the country and Canada that hold a demolition derby at their venue will tell you that it is the most profitable and widely watched event of their season.

Host a D.E.N.T. sanctioned demolition derby championship at your facility. We'll handle all of the details for you, and ensure that your demolition derby is a smashing success.

When you hire D.E.N.T. to put on your next demolition derby, you'll receive:
Title/Presenting rights to the DENT Championship Demolition Derby
100% of ticket sales
100% of concessions
DENT artwork/mechanical for posters, print ads and television spots
Presence and link on DENT web site

Generally speaking, once you hire us - your work is done! We'll make sure you get the drivers you need to have a successful demolition derby. We'll register the drivers, confirm their attendance and send them rules, facility and hotel information. We provide the event insurance, driver purse and driver awards. And when the day of your event arrives, we'll be on site with an experienced crew of officials, technical inspectors and administrative staff to coordinate your event start to finish.

The services we provide are flexible and tailored to meet your unique business needs. A typical agreement includes the following package of services:


Mailing driver registration materials and rules utilizing DENT's exclusive database
Registering and confirming drivers. Providing event rules and facility information
Responding to phone, fax and e-mail driver inquiries
Arranging for and funding event liability insurance

Day of Event

Provide event officials, technical inspectors and administrative staff to
    coordinate on-site registrations
Inspect each registered car thoroughly for safety and adherence to rules
Coordinate and officiate the event
Provide the driver purse (typically $10,000), trophies and awards

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